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Get the best quote for TMT Steel Bars from HH Iron and Steel, the most trusted TMT Bars Distributor/Supplier/Dealer in South India. Steel Bars from the house of HHIS, a TMT Bars Dealer, are the first and foremost choice of the engineers and constructors to construct the building infrastructure from small projects to high-rise commercial buildings.

TMT Rod is the staple construction material impacting the life of a building. HHIS procures the highest grade of TMT Bar, enabling our customers to fulfil their requirements for constructing long-lasting structures. We are rated as one of the best authorized dealers of SAIL, JSW Neosteel, VIZAG Steel, and Macho TMT Bars for supplying Steel Bars in Coimbatore and South India.

TMT Bars from HHIS deliver its purpose of developing a strong bond between the concrete and steel rods. The rib structure in the TMT Bar underlies the primary factor for building strength. They greatly fulfil structural engineers’ demand for the TMT Ribs at HHIS. Our standard procedures for stacking the Steel Bars have supported our customers in minimizing their procurement time involved. HHIS has assisted the constructors in optimizing the project time and saving more profit with our steel solution. TMT Rods from HHIS is sourced with the pre-defined rib design and specifications. The grips in the TMT Bar reinforce stronger bonds with the concrete at the time of curing.

Ductility, tensile and yield strength are interdependent, impacting the quality of a TMT Steel Bar. HHIS follows stringent quality testing procedures in sourcing Steel Rods with the requisite ductility properties. As the pioneers of TMT Bars suppliers in the industry, we deliver the highest grade of Steel Rods with high tensile strength to our customers. TMT Bar, sourced from our steel house, a TMT Bars Distributor, enhances the structural load distribution with the even distribution of load irrespective of the small projects to high-rise buildings. Steel Bars from HHIS are preferred in complex infrastructure projects due to their tensile strength and ductility properties.

HHIS addresses our customers' changing needs and requirements concerning the preference for Steel Bar Grades. Our store is stacked with steel bar grades Fe 500, Fe 500D, and Fe 550. The engineers’ preference for steel grades varies with the structural design and requirements. The TMT grades stacked at HHIS assist our customers in fulfilling their demands on procuring the pre-defined steel bar grades for most of their steel property requirements. At our TMT Bars Distribution Centre, steel grades with varied diameters and dimensions of steel bars are available. HHIS is renowned as the best TMT Bars Dealer in the town, as our store assists engineers and constructors to satisfy their Steel Rod requirements under one roof.

Corrosion resistance is the major concern for customers when making a TMT Bars Wholesale to fulfil their steel requirements throughout the project. HHIS, TMT Bars Supplier, sources the TMT with rust-resistance properties. This property impacts the overall strength of the building. Steel Rods are highly subjected to direct contact with the concrete mortar, which is in the wet form. Steel tends to develop rust. TMT Steel Rods from HHIS, a TMT Bars Wholesaler, exhibit the properties of corrosive resistance greatly. The manufacturing technique of the TMT Bars determines the corrosion resistance. HHIS is peculiar in sourcing the steel rods’ manufacturing methods which enhances the quality of the steel.

The infrastructure serves many purposes. Hence, Steel Rod preferred in construction has to withstand the working temperature. TMT from HHIS has fire-resistance properties. Engineers prefer Steel Rods for buildings that are prone to fire accidents. Constructing the building structure with TMT enables our customers to restrict the chances of buildings collateral damage due to fire breakout. In addition to it, HHIS Steel Bars are seismic resistant. Hence, it is preferred by engineers to construct infrastructure in an earthquake-prone zone.

The quality of TMT Bars directly correlates with the brand value perceived in the market. HHIS, a TMT Bars Distributor, sources the steel rods from highly valued and reputed TMT manufacturers in the industry, such as SAIL, JSW Neosteel, VIZAG Steel, and Macho TMT Bars. We hold the maximum loyal customers in the market. HHIS has earned the customer’s trust for its array of TMT pools, supplying the steel products near or far to our customers' site location.


IS: 1786 and IS: 2008 Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550 grade (IS: Indian Standard)


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

8mm to 32mm


Jsw Sail Inhousebrands Macho TMT Bars ISI

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TMT Steel Bars available wholesale?

Yes. HHIS assist our customer to make a wholesale purchase of TMT at the best economical price.

To what geographies are the steel rods ready to transport?

We supply TMT Bars across South India, keeping the shipping time minimal.

What are the TMT brands HH Iron and Steel deals with?

HHIS is the authorized Supplier and Dealer of SAIL, JSW Neosteel, VIZAG Steel, and Macho TMT Bars.

What are the available steel grades at HHIS?

At HHIS, IS: 1786 and IS: 2008 Fe 500, Fe 500D, and Fe 550 grades are available to our customers.


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