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HH Iron and Steel is the most reputed Steel Flat Supplier/Distributor/Dealer in Coimbatore. Steel Flat Bar is procured from the top-rated manufacturers in the industry, holding the maximum market share. Mild Steel Flat Bars from HHIS are the cost-effective solution available to our customers. MS Flat Bars deliver some essential functionalities, such as enabling stronger connections between the steel components in a steel structure.

Flat Bars are essential building materials; though the volume requirement is less, it has a more significant impact. Structural engineers and builders consider Mild Steel Flat Bars when planning the resources. HHIS MS Flat Bars have created its own niche space in the industry with its mind-blowing properties.

The fabrication technique influences the reliability of the MS Flat Bars. We, the Mild Steel Flat Bars Manufacturers, abide by the recommended manufacturing standards to deliver the highest-grade steel flats to our customers. Thickness, dimension, and product finish are the factors that determine the reliability of a steel flat. The thickness of MS Flat Bars is uniformly fabricated throughout the bar. The toughness of the bar is a critical factor that determines the usability of a bar in the steel structure. HHIS Steel Flat Bars are featured with the required toughness that enables our customers to prefer the flats in various applications and structural positions. Toughness is proportional to the elongation value. We manufacture Steel Flat Bars with the required level of elongation. Thus, the bars do not tend to elongate or deform during structural connections.

The dimensions of the bars are featured with greater precision and accuracy. HHIS Mild Steel Flat Bars are available with uniform prerequisite dimensions, even in every batch and lot of bars procured. The uniform length, width, and thickness of the MS Flat Bars assist the user in reducing the installation and construction time of the steel structure. The uneven surfaces or dimension leads to the requirement for extra time and works. In addition, it also affects the efficiency of the structure constructed. HHIS adds value to our customers for the investment and business deals they make with us. Dimensions are a significant element that concludes the cumulative durability of a building. We, the MS Flat Bars Dealers, ensure that the Steel Flat Bars delivered to our customers are defect-free and are within the defined tolerances.

HHIS Steel Flats are highly preferred for enabling structural support in the steel structure. Structural support redefines the extended-lasting connectivity of structures. In constructing complex structures, there are positions where the connections cannot be developed. Hence, there is a need for secondary structural elements. We are the go-to MS Flat Bars Suppliers, to purchase flat bars that are required for developing strong connections. The load-bearing property is a typical characteristic of steel. The Flat Bars transfer loads from the connected structural members. The material composition in the Flat Steel Bars offers better weldability. The welds on the steel components are strong and durable, and the welding link cannot be broken when the load is applied.

The Flat Bars from HHIS are suitable for cutting the bars to the required length with a precise edge and surface finish. These flats offer versatile applications in the construction of steel buildings and can also be used to lay steel flat floors in commercial vehicles. We manufacture Mild Steel Flat Bars with technical properties that allow our customers to enhance their construction frames with the specified design detailing. The malleable properties of the Flat Steel Bars offer our customers to reshape or bend to get the defined steel shape without breaking and retaining other properties.

Available Sizes

All Sizes of Flats and thickness 3 mm to 50 mm



Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mild Steel Flat Bars Wholesale available at HHIS?

We are the leading MS Flat Bar supplier and we offer steel solutions at wholesale prices.

What are the geographies HHIS transport Flat Bars?

We deliver Steel Flats to customers across South India.

What are the Steel Flat Bars thickness available at HHIS?

We offer flat bars of thicknesses ranging from 3 mm to 50 mm.


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