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MS Channels are one of the most significant construction materials influencing building life. HH Iron and Steel is the engineer's first preferred Mild Steel Channel Supplier/Dealer/Distributor in Coimbatore. Channels are procured from the industry's leading manufacturers at the finest quality. HHIS' MS Channel delivers incredible functionality in constructing PEB and steel structures. The unlimited versatility of a Mild Steel Channel has created a great demand for their preference over other steel construction materials.

The MS Channel from HHIS assures the highest quality, as we are the authorized distributor of Vizag Steel and SAIL. Customers prefer us as their go-to MS Channels Supplier due to the long-lasting quality of the channels we deliver to our customers. In addition, HHIS adds value to our customers with cost-effective offerings for the requirements quoted.

Dimension and angles are the critical factors determining the efficiency and quality of an MS Channel. We, the MS Channel Manufacturers, follows and practices stringent quality testing to ensure the dimension of the channels are even throughout the steel material. These factors may seem a secondary element that is considered, but it impacts the holistic operational time and efficiency of the construction process. HHIS' has addressed our customers' concerns by drastically reducing their extra work and time involved to zero with our precise and accurate Mild Steel Channel dimensions. We keep track of the angle of the C Channel manufactured, i.e., between the flange and beam are uniform. In addition, the tolerance level of angular deflection of the MS Channel is within the limit for the steel channel sourced from our outlet.

Engineers, constructors, and builders prefer HHIS as we supply Mild Steel Channels of uniform thickness at flanges and beams. The channel thickness fabricated in the steel structure determines its durability. HHIS assures our customers of the highly reliable MS C-Channel with better loading bearing capacity. The fabrication technique and moulds preferred in producing C- Channel has enhanced the product's longevity. The construction of steel structures typically featured the joints done by bolts and nuts. The holes drilled on the flange or beam do not lead to the deflection of the steel portion. MS Channels from HHIS give our customers control of the precise and accurate hole drillings. This is due to the evenly fabricated channel of uniform thickness.

The surface finish of the channels procured by HHIS enables our customers to get the desired painting work that suits their aesthetic building requirements. The MS Channels are fabricated with corrosion-resistant properties. Thus the environmental and seasonal changes do not affect the functioning of the MS Channel. As we are the authorised Steel Channel Distributor/Dealer/Supplier of SAIL, the channels we procure from our vendor are resistant to expansion or contraction. These features made it the best choice for preferring in the construction of factory buildings, which involves the change in working conditions and temperatures.

HHIS, the MS Channel Supplier in Coimbatore, delivers the best grade of the channel to our customers. These MS Channels are available in various sizes and thicknesses to satisfy the customer's demands. Our Mild Steel Channels assist the user with faster and quicker installations. The Steel Channel from HHIS is manufactured with the required tensile strength; hence, the external pressure doesn't influence the channel's structural strength, i.e. deformation. The bolting is made firmly, though they are connected with the type of steel material. In addition, the ore composition of MS Channel that our company delivers facilitates efficient welding properties. Our team inspects the channels we procure from our vendors are defect-free. We ensure our customers are satisfied with the business deal they make with us for the purchase order in every transaction.


IS: 2062


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

All Sizes of Channels.( 75 x 40 mm – 400 x 100 mm)


Sail Inhousebrands ISI

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HHIS sell MS Channels wholesale?

HHIS merchandise Mild Steel C Channels wholesale at the best market price.

Are transportation facilities available for their customers?

Yes, HHIS transport MS Channels to customers across South India.

What is the brand HHIS deal with for C Channels?

We are the authorized MS Channels Dealer/Distributor/Supplier of Vizag Steel and SAIL.

What are the thicknesses available at HHIS?

HHIS offers MS C Channel of thicknesses ranging from 75 x 40 mm to 400 x 100 mm.


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