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HHIS is one of the industry's MS Angles Manufacturers in producing high-quality MS Angles. We are the first choice for engineers, constructors, builders, and real estate developers to fulfil their Mild Steel Angle requirements under one roof. Steel Angles are one of the vital construction materials. Angles significantly impact and influence the workability of a structure. The reliability of steel structures relies on the steel components assembled and preferred during construction.

HHIS’ MS Angle is highly reliable in uplifting the steel structure in fabrication with regard to the predefined plan. Steel Angle is the supportive steel element jointing the steel structural components. The weldability of mild steel is the main reason behind the higher preference for MS Angle in the construction material. HHIS’ MS Angles, procured from the leading manufacturers, are available in the predefined design requirements.

A 90-degree angle is the most demanding requirement of a Steel Angle. HHIS is the authorized Ms Angle Dealer/Distributor of Sail And Vizag Steel in South India. Our stringent testing policies ensure that the procured and sourced Steel Angles are 90 degrees. The flange width of an angle is available in equal and unequal sizes to satisfy our customer’s unique requirements.HHIS Steel Angles reduce the concern about permissible tolerances. The Mild Steel Angle is available at the predefined dimensions of the requisite length, width, and angle.

The composition of carbon content in mild steel increases the quality and ease of welding requirements. At HHIS, the angles are not subjected to angle deformations when the Steel Angles are handled during transportation and docking. We, the MS Angle Dealers, ensure the angles are of Finite edges, uniform thickness, and defined angles in every batch and lot. HHIS MS Angle has benefitted many customers in constructing a steel structure with its result-proven steel angle of 90 deg and physical property requirements.

HHIS MS Angles are suitable for the construction of complex steel structures. Mild Steel has a greater advantage compared to other types of steel angles. It serves the multipurpose function of jointing in welding or bolting the steel structural components. HHIS Steel Angle exhibits higher ductility, which assists the workers in deforming the mild steel to the desired angle. The ductility property of an MS Angle outperforms other steel types; it efficiently optimizes the time incurred for welding, bending, and drilling. When compared with MS Angle from other available brands, HHIS Steel Angle has greater hardness. In addition, MS Angle has benchmarked corrosive resistance properties. Every component in the building structure determines the longevity and reliability of a building. Mild Steel Angle from HHIS significantly assures the estimated building life by eliminating the need for recurring and regular maintenance.

HHIS Mild Steel Angles are cost-effective solutions for customers in the market. The abundance of raw materials has yielded favourable results for our customers to make their procurement. The combination of alloys in the fabrication of MS leads to comparatively less costly than other steel types. MS Angle is easy to drill holes at the predefined position without exceeding the tolerance level. The L-angle steel bar from HHIS reduces the need for additional steel elements to create a strong connection. We, the MS Angle Suppliers, offer the Steel Angle of maximum length to minimise the need for the number of joints/welds in a long-span steel construction structure.

The composition of MS Angles exhibits corrosive resistance properties. The nature of the steel materials preferred in fabricating structures is as important as other factors. The working temperature and external seasonal conditions do not influence the Steel Angle performance procured from HHIS, wherein the angle does not result in rust formation. In addition, MS, when reacting with other materials, does not develop weaker points. Hence, the even load distribution is assured, and HHIS Steel Angles fulfil the structural engineering requirements.


IS: 2062


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

All Sizes of Angles and thickness 3 mm to 16 mm


Sail Inhousebrands ISI

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MS Angles available wholesale?

At HHIS, our customers have the leverage in purchasing Mild Steel Angle wholesale and in required quantities.

To what geographies are the Steel Angles ready to transport?

We deliver Steel Angles across South India and other locations on customer requests.

What are the MS Angle brands HH Iron and Steel deals with?

We deal with highly valued brands SAIL and Vizag Steel.

What are the available steel angle thicknesses at HHIS?

At HHIS, we offer angle thicknesses of 3 mm to 16 mm are the sizes available to our customers.


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