Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

Procure the highest quality Colour Coated Metal Roofing Sheets from HH Iron and Steel to satisfy your roofing requirements with greater benefits. The functionality of JSW Roofing deploys the primary demand for roofing, withstanding external environmental changes efficiently. HHIS is the people’s choice in the markets of South India and Tamil Nadu to make the best buy for their industrial roofing requirements.

JSW Colouron+ tops the rating for its seamless and consistent delivery of Color Coated Roofing Solutions. HH Iron and Steel is recognized as the most trusted JSW Colour Roofing Sheets Distributor/Dealer/Supplier in South India. The changes in customer requirements are fast, and we ensure every business transaction is addressed efficiently. The contemporary approach to constructing industrial and factorial buildings has been steeped. Choosing the Coloured Metal Sheet is the biggest concern to the manufacturers and constructors. HHIS, a Roofing Sheets Dealer, is stacked with various gradients and colors and coated on the Metal Roofing Sheet, enabling customers to easily fulfil their Colour Roofing Sheets. We hold the maximum base of happy customers in the industry.

For more than two decades of excellence in Roofing Sheets Wholesaling and trading, HHIS has created the go-to Roofing Sheets Dealer in the town. The preference of industrialists and manufacturers to ensure their branding colour on every element of their factory building is assured by HHIS’ roofing sheet solutions. The aesthetically designed JSW Colouron+ Roofing Sheets holistically enhance the building’s allure. Experience the array of metal roofs at our store.

The roofing Sheet is one of the important building elements. Hence, the investment made in each component of an industrial structure has to be made in such a way that it delivers more ROI. HHIS, a Roofing Sheets Distributor, supports adding value to the capital spent on roofing installations.

“Durability” determines the functional period of the building and other materials used in the cumulative fabrication of a single unit. As we, HHIS, a Roofing Sheet Supplier, are partnered with JSW Steel, the durability of Roofing Sheets is assured. JSW Colouron+ Roofing Sheets are highly preferred for their durable properties. Compared to other available brands, JSW Roofing Sheets significantly outperforms with their outstanding properties and designs.

The thickness and product design of the Colour Coated Metal Roofs are the factors influencing the customer’s buying decision. At HHIS, our customers are left with value-additional choices to Purchase a Roofing Sheet. We keep track of the metal sheets on the critical factors of thickness and ribbed designs in every inward and outward order placement executed by HHIS. The physical properties of Roofing Sheets from HHIS satisfy the customer's key requirements. The reliability of the Colour Coated Metal Sheets with ribbed features is ensured. A roofing sheet's thickness has a direct impact on its deformation properties.

JSW Roofing Sheets, available at HHIS, are procured with the requisite roof thickness enabling the Metal Sheets to be free from deformations when installed at different slopes and elevations.

JSW Colour Coated Metal Sheets from HHIS exhibit the intrinsic properties of corrosive resistance. The anti-corrosion feature of the Roofing Sheet influenced the customer's minds to place their order from our roofing sheet distribution center for end-to-end steel solutions. Our logistic facilities assist us in transporting a roof sheet to our customers located near and far from our store.

HHIS supports the industrialists in the utilization of roofs in all seasons. The superior paint technology coating on the roofs is a barrier against rainfall. Roofing Sheets from HHIS add value to the infrastructure with the longevity property, serving its purpose in parallel to the life of the building. The end-to-end manufacturing of colour coated roofs is anti-corrosion. Hence, the fasteners utilised in installing roofs, when reacting to the roofs, do not develop rust formation.

HHIS’ Roofing Sheets reduce the overheads involved in the care and maintenance. The roof deploys greater strength, eliminating the chances of sheet bends when workers walk/carry out any activities on the roof. The anti-dust and anti-gloss properties of the JSW Roofing Sheet enable the reduction of periodical maintenance.


IS:1786 Fe415 and IS:1786 Fe500 grade steels(IS:Indian Standard)


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

0.35 mm to 0.80 mm



Roofing Sheets




Anti Corrosion

Anti Corrosion

All Weather

All Weather Protection



Superior Paint

Superior Paint Technology

ISI Certified

ISI Certified

Quality Tests

Stringent Quality Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

Are colour roofing sheets available wholesale?

Yes. HHIS is renowned for wholesaling roofing sheets at the best economical price.

To what locations the metal roofs are transported?

We deliver JSW Metal Roofing Sheets across South India.

Is HH Iron and Steel the authorized supplier of JSW Steel?

HHIS is the authorized JSW Colouron+ Roofing Sheet Supplier and Dealer. The metal roofs are available at wholesale price.

How many colour patterns are available?

At HHIS, 14 colour patterns of roofs are available. Superior paint technology is utilized, assuring the colours glow for more than a decade.


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